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BICEP Tomorrow Night!!

A buddy of mine that owns a roofing business in Connecticut was on vacation in London earlier this year when he saw BICEP perform at Fabric. He’s not a big fan of house music or techno, but his wife is, so she coerced him in to going to the show.

When I asked him what he thought about the performance, he said he was quite impressed and surprised by how much he enjoyed it. Out of all the different artists his wife listens to, BICEP is one of the few he can tolerate.

So, the bottom line is this….whether you’re a BICEP junkie or not really sure whether or not your in to that type of music, chances are you’ll enjoy their performance tomorrow night. To give you a preview of what you can expect for tomorrow, here’s a video by Boiler Room of BICEP’s performance at the AVA Festival.



August 31, 2016 @ 9pm

Who is BICEP?

BICEP is an electronic DJ duo from Belfast, Northern Ireland, made up of Andrew Ferguson and Matthew McBriar. The duo originally became popular for a music blog called, which featured mixes from popular guests such as Simian Mobile Disco and Ben Sun. Today, Bicep’s blog is known worldwide for its blend of disco, Chicago house, Detroit house, and other various styles.

As the duo began DJing around London and their blog became more popular, BICEP was able to start releasing their own material in 2009. In 2010, BICEP released “Darwin” and “313”, which launched them into the international spotlight as formidable house and techno music DJs.  In 2012, their vinyl track “$tripper” received excellent reviews and topped the Juno charts, which led to sold out arenas worldwide. Since 2012, the London based duo has continued to receive critical acclaim for releases such as “You” and “Don’t” while maintaining a strong and consistent presence in many of London’s top house music venues.

If you’re unfamiliar with BICEP and you would like hear a sample of their music, check out the YouTube video of their 50 min Boiler Room DJ set.

Disclaimer: This blog is not associated with Club Vinyl. The sole purpose of this blog is to merely provide some information on some of the artists performing at the establishment currently occupying 1082 Broadway.


Kenton Slash Demon and Jimmy Edgar

Sorry for the late posting, I was very sick the past few days. I know Kenton Slash Demon and Jimmy Edgar performed last night, but I still wanted to provide some information on the bands in case any of you might be looking to catch one of their shows in the future.

Kenton Slash Demon

Kenton Slash Demon is a Danish electronic duo comprised of Silas Moldenhawer and Jonas Kenton. Silas and Jonas are also members of the Danish electropop band “When Saints Go Machine”.  They garnered enough attention on the Sydney club scene and were subsequently signed by Future Classic. Since Sydney, they have become more and more popular and currently touring several cities in the U.S before returning to Europe.  A review on Resident Advisor describes the duo’s sound as, “both organic and futuristic, and their obvious skills take their productions further than the typical frame and dramaturgy of a club track. They want to create soundtracks for clubs as well as music that you can listen to on your home stereo, thus blurring the space between the public and private experience.”

Kenton Slash Demon’s next performance will be at the House of Blues in Boston on August 29 & 30. For some of their more popular songs and videos, visit YouTube.

Jimmy Edgar

Jimmy Edgar is an American electronic musician, DJ, producer, artist, and record label owner from Detroit, MI. Jimmy has been active since 1999 and signed a deal with Warp Records when he was only 18 years old. Over the past few years, he has released several EPs through the label Ultramajic, which he co-founded. He has also collaborated with popular acts such as Machinedrum. Some of Edgar’s more popular album’s include “XXX” and “Majenta”

Unfortunately, if you missed Edgar’s performance last night, he won’t be back in the States until November 26, when he performs in Miami. If you would like to sample some of his music, click here.


This blog is not associated with Club Vinyl in any way. This blog is simply a place to find some information about artists performing at 1082 Broadway.

Let’s Get Started!!

To Begin…

In order to avoid any confusion, I’d like to make one of my first posts on my new blog very clear: this blog, and myself, are in no way associated with Club Vinyl, which currently occupies 1082 Broadway. There is absolutely zero relationship. I don’t even know the name of anyone that works there.

If you have mistakenly stumbled across my blog while looking for Club Vinyl, please accept my apologies. You can get to the Club Vinyl home page by clicking here.

The point of this blog is to provide reviews for some of the artists that will be performing at 1082 Broadway. Please come back tomorrow for my review of Kenton Slash Demon and Jimmy Edgar, who will be performing on Saturday night.

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